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Solabia Products

Trade NameSupplier NameFunction
Argisens Solabia Feel Enhancer, Anti-aging
Asparlyne Solabia Blood Circulation Agent-Skin, Stimulant, Toner
Bioecolia Solabia Hair Cleanser/Shampoo, Moisturizer, Skin Protectant
Ceramidone Solabia Barrier Repair, Skin Protectant
Claritea Solabia Blood Circulation Agent-Skin, Skin Clarifier, Anti-aging
Ecoskin Solabia Skin Protectant, Skin Smoothing
Fucogel 1.5P Solabia Hair Conditioner, Moisturizer, Skin Smoothing, Film Former
Glycerolat of Anatolia Fig Solabia Moisturizer
Glycofilm 1.5P Solabia Antioxidant, Skin Protectant, SPF Booster, Film Former
Glycopatch Solabia Skin Protectant
Kerastim S Solabia Stimulant
Mangalidone Solabia Skin Protectant, Anti-aging
Nuteline C Solabia
Ω3 Ceramide Solabia Anti-inflammatory, Skin Healing, Skin Protectant, Anti-aging
Ω6 Ceramide Solabia Anti-inflammatory, Skin Protectant, Anti-aging
Ω9 Ceramide Solabia Anti-aging
Oxycell Solabia
Peptiskin Solabia Anti-aging
Phytovityl C Solabia Skin Protectant, Anti-aging
Rhamnosoft HP Solabia Anti-irritant, Polymer, Skin Protectant, Anti-aging
Soothing Milk Solabia
Vitaskin E Solabia Barrier Repair