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Biosil Technologies Products

Trade NameSupplier NameFunction
Bioplex Cetylsil Olive CE Biosil TechnologiesHair Conditioner, Humectant
Bioplex Cetylsil PHS CE Biosil TechnologiesAnti-inflammatory, Hair Conditioner
BioPlex Cetylsil S-PF Biosil Technologies
Biosil Basic L-Cysteine CE Biosil TechnologiesHair Repair, Hair Anti-aging
Biosil Basics Amino DL-30 CE Biosil Technologies
Biosil Basics Amphoterisil Biosil TechnologiesAnti-irritant, Co-emulsifier, Hair Conditioner, Emollient, Lubricant, Feel Enhancer
Biosil Basics C-38 Ester Biosil TechnologiesSolvent
Biosil Basics Fluorosil LF Biosil TechnologiesDispersant, Glosser, Lubricant, Skin Protectant, Waterproofing Agent
Biosil Basics I-90 Biosil TechnologiesEmollient, Lubricant, Skin Protectant
Biosil Basics SPQ CE Biosil Technologies
Biosil EFA Biosil TechnologiesBarrier Repair, Moisturizer, Skin Healing
Biosil PA Biosil TechnologiesChelating Agent, Exfoliant, Skin Clarifier
Biowax 754 Special Biosil TechnologiesEmollient, Humectant, Lubricant, Skin Smoothing
Biowax Liquid 754 Biosil TechnologiesEmollient, Humectant, Lubricant, Skin Smoothing
Chamomile Matricaire HG Biosil TechnologiesAnti-inflammatory, Astringent, Skin Lightening
Efficiensea Biosil TechnologiesAnti-inflammatory, Anti-irritant, Skin Lightening, Skin Protectant
Lightoceane G40 EL Biosil TechnologiesAnti-wrinkle, Skin Lightening, Anti-aging
Ocea Care Biosil TechnologiesAnti-wrinkle, Moisturizer
Ocea Defence Biosil TechnologiesAntibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-irritant, Antimicrobial, Anti-aging
Okinacea Biosil TechnologiesAnti-wrinkle
Sebocea Biosil TechnologiesAcne Treatment, Anti-inflammatory, Oil Absorbent