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East Hill Industries is a leading provider of a wide range of cosmetic packaging components. With our office centrally located in the U.S., we bring packaging components from all over the world that meet the strictest standards of quality and appearance. Whether it’s a stock bottle or a custom-designed package, East Hill can handle all of your packaging needs from concept to launch and beyond. We can also present you with a wide range of packaging options and services to help fill your needs. East Hill can be your single source partner to help you develop, produce and receive your packaging needs in a cost-effective and timely manner.

  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Sample Size Packaging
  • Contract Manufacturing Services : Custom Packaging
  • Private Label Services : Bath & Body
  • Packaging Services : Consulting
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Tubes : Collapsible : Laminate
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Tubes : Collapsible : Metal
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Tubes : Collapsible : Plastic
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Ampoules
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Applicators, Disposable
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Bands, Oriented Polypropylene
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Blister Cards
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Blister Foil, Push Through
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Bottles/Jars
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Brushes, Cosmetic
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Brushes, Mascara, Eyebrow & Nail
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Cans
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Cartons, Folding
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Cosmetic Cases
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Containers
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Droppers
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Lipstick Containers
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Mascara Packaging
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Miniature Packaging
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Molders, Plastic
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Plastic Materials
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Powder Puffs
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Roll-on Balls
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Sponges
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Tottles
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Travel/Kits
  • Packaging Components Manufacturer : Vials


2840 Commodore Drive
Suite 120
Carrollton, TX 75007
United States
Tel: 972-367-6060
Fax: 972-367-6069

Region served: World Wide