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CAS #: 69430-24-6 6943024

Cosmetic Ingredient Review: 018

Solubility: 5.88

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AEC Cyclomethicone (and) dimethicone A&E Connock (Perfumery & Cosmetics) Ltd.
Arlamol 3 Croda
Arlamol 7 Croda
Bentone Gel in Cyclomethicone Clariant Int., Ltd.
Bentone Gel VS-5PC V (HV) Elementis
Botanisil CD-80 Botanigenics Inc.
Creasil LP The Innovation Company
Cyclomethicone Azelis UK Life Sciences
Cyclomethicone Dow Corning Corp.
Cyclomethicone Universal Preserv-a-chem Inc.
Cyclotetrasiloxane/Cyclopentasiloxane A&E Connock (Perfumery & Cosmetics) Ltd.
DC 1401 Dow Corning Corp.
DC 9040 Dow Corning Corp.
DC 9048 Dow Corning Corp.
Dow Corning 245 Fluid Dow Corning Corp.
Dow Corning 2-9027 Styling Aid Dow Corning Corp.
Dow Corning 9040 Silicone Elastomer Blend Dow Corning Corp.
Elesponge Melhydran BASF SE
Fancorsil A The Fanning Corp.
Fancorsil HA-Super The Fanning Corp.
Fancorsil P The Fanning Corp.
Gel Base BSM5 Lonza Home & Personal Care
Gel Base BSM PE Lonza Home & Personal Care
Gel Base BSM PT Lonza Home & Personal Care
Gel Base II Lonza Home & Personal Care
Gel Base SIL Lonza Home & Personal Care
Gilugel SIL5 BK Giulini Chemie GmbH
Jeechem HPIB Vantage Personal Care
Liant TW 876 Sensient Cosmetic Technologies
Melarrest L Engelhard Corp.
Micapoly UV 2 INC The Innovation Company
Micapoly UV Cristal The Innovation Company
Micapoly UV Cristal 50% The Innovation Company
Micapoly UV Cristal Shadow The Innovation Company
Micapoly UV Shadow The Innovation Company
Micapoly UV Zinc The Innovation Company
Mirasil CDPDM Solvay Novecare
Nanocel EFA Engelhard Corp.
NanoGard 345 Nanophase Technologies Corp.
Nylonpoly SIL WL 12 The Innovation Company
PEC-1414 Sud-Chemie Rheologicals
Retinol Molecular Film Fluid (0.3%) Lipotec SA
Retinol Molecular Film Fluid 0.3% is a proprietary organosilicone delivery system for the topical...
SF1202 Volatile Silicone GE Co.
SF1214 GE Co.
Silox GT Engelhard Corp.
Silsoft 1215 Momentive Performance Materials Inc.
Silsoft E-623 Crompton/Witco
Silsoft MSC Crompton/Witco
Solarcat Engelhard Corp.
Solarease II Engelhard Corp.
Spherepoly UV Shadow The Innovation Company
SS4230 GE Co.
TBF-504, TBF-505 Path Silicones Inc.
TBF 506 and TBF 507 Path Silicones Inc.
TBF 509 Path Silicones Inc.
TBS 1212 Path Silicones Inc.
TBS 1212 UV Path Silicones Inc.
TBS 1214 Path Silicones Inc.
TBS 1401 Path Silicones Inc.
TBS 1404 Path Silicones Inc.
TCR Industries TCR Industries
TioSperse Ultra Engelhard Corp.
Tioveil CM Croda
This inorganic UV filter is a silicone-based titanium dioxide dispersion combining high efficacy...
Tixogel CYM 6039 Sud-Chemie Rheologicals
Tixogel RCM 1357 Sud-Chemie Rheologicals
Tixogel VSP 1438 Sud-Chemie Rheologicals
Volatile Silicones Crompton/Witco
Z-Sperse Ultra Engelhard Corp.
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Facial Lotion Corn Products U.S.
This moisturizing lotion has good spreadability and a soft feel. It includes ingredients to...
Flawless Liquid Makeup Croda
This silky foundation offers even coverage coupled with SPF protection. This emulsion is smooth and...
Milky Protective Lotion Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.
This milk lotion is formulated with a soy-derived emulsifier to reduce irritation and moisturize the...
Quick Breaking Cream Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.
This is a cream with remarkably quick water release. The formula does not require heating or the...
Sunscreen Lotion Stepan Company
This w/o lotion uses two sunscreen agents for added protection while providing a nice after feel.
Sunscreen Spray Stepan Company
This cold mix formulation has a nice afterfeel.
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