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CAS #: 515-69-5 51569

Solubility: 9.30

EINECs: 208-205-9

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AlphaAging Citroleo
Anti-aging active proven to decrease wrinkles and fine lines
alpha-Bisabolol Liposystem Complex I R A Istituto Ricercne Applicate Srl
Alpha-Bisabolol Nat. Symrise AG
Natural alpha-Bisabolol
Alpha Bisabolol-Natural Kinetik Technologies
High purity, natural anti-irritant. Ideal for sensitive skin and baby care
AlphaVelvety Citroleo
100% natural active that provides outstanding sensorial benefits, ensuring dry, velvety and matte...
Anti-Irritant Liposomes Engelhard Corp.
BisaboLife Givaudan Active Beauty
Bisabolol Azelis UK Life Sciences
Bisabolol BASF AG
Bisabolol Ecochem Specialties Limited
Bisabolol KIC Chemicals Inc.
Bisabolol Maypro Industries
Bisabolol Merck KGaA
Bisabolol Pangaea Sciences, Inc.
Bisabolol Symrise AG
natural bisabolol
Bisabolol Universal Preserv-a-chem Inc.
Botaniceutical NAB Botanigenics Inc.
Catezomes B20 Engelhard Corp.
Dragosantol 100 Symrise AG
This pure and nature-identical bisabolol is of the highest purity, and produced via a fully...
Dragosantol 100 Symrise AG
This purest nature-identical bisabolol demonstrates the highest purity and offers a fully...
Dragosantol 100 Symrise, Inc.
Dragosantol 100 is a monocyclic, unsaturated sesquiterpene alcohol used as an anti-irritant in...
Extrapone Aloe Vera B Symrise, Inc.
Extrapone Aloe Vera B is an aqueous glycolic extract. Extrapone products are soluble in water, easy...
Extrapone Camomile CL B Symrise, Inc.
Extrapone Camomile CL B contains the water of Matricaria recutita L. blossoms prepared in propylene...
Extrapone Iris B Symrise, Inc.
Extrapone Iris B contains the extract of Iris germanica L. roots prepared in a mixture of water and...
Fision Skin Protect Kemira Pigments Oy
Flowerconcentrole Lavender Symrise, Inc.
Flowerconcentrole Lavender is a part of a range that translates flowery messages into cosmetic...
Flowerconcentrole Rose Symrise, Inc.
Flowerconcentrole Rose contains a preservative free, high concentrated extract of rose blossoms...
Flowerpone Jasmine Symrise, Inc.
Flowerpone Jasmine contains a preservative free, concentrated extract of jasmine blossoms prepared...
Fruitapone Apple B Symrise AG
Fruitapone Grape White B Symrise AG
Fruitapone Lime B Symrise AG
Fruitapone Orange B Symrise AG
Fruitapone Raspberry B Symrise AG
Hydagen B BASF SE
Lipo Bisabolol Vantage Personal Care
Phytoconcentrol Camomile Symrise AG
RonaCare Bisabolol Natural EMD Chemicals Inc.-RONA Cosmetic Business Unit
RTD Alpha-Bisabolol Natural The Hallstar Company
SanSurf Bisabolol Engelhard Corp.
SunBoost ATB Kobo Products Inc.
SunBoost ATB is a proprietary ratio of antioxidants, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory agents....
SymCare O Symrise, Inc.
SymCare O is a ready-made, liquid, oil-soluble solution for sensitive skin. For its development,...
SymCare O Symrise, Inc.
SymCare O is a ready-made, liquid, oil-soluble solution for sensitive skin. For its development,...
SymRelief Symrise AG
SymRelief 100 Symrise, Inc.
SymRelief 100 is a synergistic blend of Dragosantol 100, synthetic bisabolol with high purity, and...
SymRelief S Symrise, Inc.
SymRelief S is a multiple-benefit synergistic blend of anti-irritants. It is a comprehensive...
SymRepair Symrise AG
SymRepair 100 Symrise, Inc.
SymRepair 100 is a highly effective skin barrier repair complex containing a patented ceramide...
Ultraspheres 7900 Lipoid GmbH
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