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CAS #: 97-59-6 9759

EINECs: 202-592-8

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3V Allantoin 3V-Sigma SpA
Allantoin Allan Chemical Corporation
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Molecular formula: C8H9ClO; molecular weight: 158.12; CAS No. 97-59-6; EINECS No. 201-793-8;...
Allantoin T.H. Hilson Co.
skin protectant
Allantoin Universal Preserv-a-chem Inc.
Allantoin Vantage Personal Care
Allantoin Vivion Inc.
Asebiol BT BASF SE
Calmolveil MD 32 Esperis SpA
Crodarom Hygroderm Croda
CustoNatural Allantoin Custom Ingredients, LLC
CustoNatural Allantoin is used for soothing and as an anti-irritant. ...
Decelerine Lipotec USA, Inc.
Decelerine is a mixture of actives that minimizes the appearance of unwanted hair, reducing the...
Facteur ARL Sensient Cosmetic Technologies
Facteur Hydratant PH Laboratoires ProdHyg
Hydrofacteur LC Sensient Cosmetic Technologies
Hydroveg VV Variati Srl
Moisturizing complex designed according to natural NMF composition
Hydroviton Symrise AG
Hydroviton 24 Symrise, Inc.
Hydroviton is a liquid moisturizing factor and consists of a mixture of amino acid, sodium lactate,...
Hydroviton 24 Symrise, Inc.
Hydroviton 24 is a liquid moisturizing factor that consists of a mixture of amino acid, sodium...
Hydroviton Plus 2290 Symrise, Inc.
A new member to Symrise's Hydroviton range of moisturizers, Hydroviton PLUS 2290 supplies immediate...
P.P.A.A.-C Seiwa Kasei Co., Ltd.
P.P.A.A.-C is “Pseudo Placenta Amino Acid,” an amino acid cocktail that contains fifteen kinds of...
Rhizodermin LS 6277 BASF SE
RonaCare Aluminum Chloride Hydroxide -Allantoin EMD Chemicals Inc.-RONA Cosmetic Business Unit
Sebapure LS 9853 BASF SE
This sebo-regulator complex was especially developed to rebalance the amount of sebum by inhibiting...
Sedaplant Richter CLR Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH
Sedaplant Richter protects dull hair and irritated scalp. It is also suitable for the care of...
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Radiance Multivitamin Cream Eckart America Corporate
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